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If your idea of flying for a virtual airline is simply starting at the runway, flying to the destination and getting credit, then this is NOT the VA for you!

This virtual airline is for mature individuals willing to make a commitment.....
A commitment to TWA, a commitment to professionalism, and a commitment to fun!

Virtual Trans World Airlines recreates the real world operations of Trans World Airlines from 1925 right up through the last day of operation February 2001 using FS2002, FS9 (2004 CoF), FSX, and X-Plane.
Virtual Trans World Airlines has Crew Domiciles and Flight Hubs serving:
Kansas City - (KMCI).....This is where the Jack Frye International Flight Training Center & Aircraft Maintenance/Overhaul Base is located.
St. Louis - (KSTL) Lambert Field.....Domestic Flight Operations.
New York City - (KJFK)..... US International/North Atlantic Flight Operations and Los Angeles - (KLAX)
with focus cities in:
San Francisco - (KSFO), Chicago - (KORD), Boston - (KBOS), Atlanta - (KATL) and San Juan - (TSJS).
International Crew Domiciles and Flight Hubs in:
London - (EGLL), Frankfurt - (EDDF), Paris - (LFPG), Rome - (LIRF) and Athens - (LGAT).

As a pilot you will have 7 flight categories to choose from:

1) TWA - Jet flights from the B707's up to the B767's & L-1011's.
2) TWE - Trans World Express flights
3) TWP - Piston engine flights from 1925 thru 1967!
4) TWC - Cargo flights from all the periods!
5) OZA - The complete April 15, 1985 timetable from Ozark!
6) NYA - TWA part owned helicopter service in New York City during the 1962 Worlds Fair!
7) SFO - TWA part owned helicopter service in the San Francisco area also during 1962!

All flights are from timetables of each of the above.

Why? Unlike some va's, we strive for, and encourage both professionalism and uniformity, with procedures in place that are encouraged to be complied with by all members who apply. We rarely make an exception to this as we have a very challenging grading/scoring curve with a tracking system built specifically for vTWA that records more aircraft operating parameters than many other VA's out there. This ensures that all members are operating in the same manner. From push back & start up procedures, through brakes set, engines shut down and Captains Flight Briefings (CFB's). At TWA, things were only done one way. The TWA way. Same principles apply here at vTWA. Be advised that management carefully monitors and checks every thing ie: your boarding procedures, your departure time vs scheduled departure time, proper aircraft light settings, when engines started, take-off speeds, rate of climb, over speeds, rate of descent, landing speeds and landing rate/fpm just to name a few, prior to approving CFB's (pireps).
SLEWING, TIME ACCELERATION and advancement of position through the use of MAPS is strictly prohibited and cause for immediate rejection of CFB.

1) Safe handling/operation of aircraft.
2) Basic meteorology (know how to read/interpret an ATIS report and other wx info).
3) Fluent with ATC/FAA abbreviations, phraseology and terms.
4) Familiar with aircraft, airspeed & altitude restrictions.
5) IFR rated (know how to navigate using ADF, VOR, NDB, IGS, ILS, INS & GPS).

All of this information is available and free in the MSFS ground school section. Please take the time to read it, study it and watch the videos as they are a tremendous help.

Yes we have some strict rules, but we take our representation of TWA, flying & having fun very serious, and we are very serious about having fun !!! In fact, our first and foremost rule is:


Although we are open and welcome everybody, we would much rather have a small group of dedicated, disciplined professionals than a large number of pilots doing things their own way, or for statistics purposes.

With all that said, If you are interested in starting your career with Virtual Trans World Airlines, and you're at least 25 years of age, we invite you to take the entrance exam, yes entrance exam. We administer the Commercial/ATP FAA written exam with an 85% minimum to pass.
Told you we're serious. Upon completing and passing the exam you may then fill out an application.

TARPA members/TWA personnel with PRN and TWA ID# are not required to take exam.

We use a fully simulated system to re-create all real world Trans World Airlines schedules, passenger, cargo and charter demands.

Virtual Trans World Airlines offers VA Aircraft Fleet Downloads for its members, the use of a Team Speak3 Server, and a private Forum (the TWA Skyliner). We use phpVMS as our base. We also have a custom built vTWAcars for flight reporting.

We encourage you to read and fully understand the Pilot Handbook...

that way you will know what to expect from vTWA and what vTWA will expect from you. Every applicant must be able to fly their first scheduled training flight from KMCI within 7 days of applicants hire date. Please take this time to become familiar with the web site and handbook. Start your vTWA journey by taking the entrance exam, then completing the application and finally, completing the 8 training flights out of MCI. We look forward to having you fly with us!

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Total Flights: 717
Total Hours: 2363 hrs
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Total Schedules: 3077

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Flight Number Pilot Aircraft Departure Arrival Submit Date Status
TWA754 Greg Tyler L-1011-100 KSFO KBOS 03/04/2015 Arrived
TWA489 Scott Clawson L-1011-50 KMIA KPDX 03/04/2015 Arrived
TWA413 Greg Tyler L-1011-100 A KATL KSFO 03/03/2015 Arrived
TWA515 Scott Clawson B707-331 KJFK KMIA 03/02/2015 Arrived
TWA891-2 Scott Clawson B767-331 HECA KJFK 03/02/2015 Arrived
TWA5321 Nico De Lange 1649 GCXO LPPT 03/01/2015 Arrived
TWA5319 Nico De Lange 1649 GOOY GCXO 03/01/2015 Arrived
TWA5131 Scott Clawson B747-231 OBBI HECA 02/28/2015 Arrived
TWA1332 Scott Clawson B747-231 LSGG OBBI 02/28/2015 Arrived
TWA95 Roland Braksch L-1011-100 TJSJ KJFK 02/28/2015 Arrived
TWA894-3 Scott Clawson L-1011-100 A LFPG LSGG 02/28/2015 Arrived
TWA1056 Roland Braksch MD-82 KMCO TJSJ 02/28/2015 Arrived
TWA408 Roland Braksch B717-231 KSTL KMCO 02/27/2015 Arrived
TWA 5124 Greg Tyler L-1011-100 A KLAX KATL 02/27/2015 Arrived
TWA12 Greg Tyler B747-231 PHNL KLAX 02/26/2015 Arrived
TWA579 Roland Braksch B717-231 KFLL KSTL 02/26/2015 Arrived
TWA894-2 Scott Clawson L-1011-100 A KIAD LFPG 02/25/2015 Arrived
OZA286 Roland Braksch DC-9-31 KEYW KFLL 02/25/2015 Arrived
TWA894-1 Scott Clawson L-1011-50 KLAX KIAD 02/24/2015 Arrived
OZA298 Roland Braksch DC-9-31 KMIA KEYW 02/24/2015 Arrived
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